Friday, March 27, 2015

Introduction! to! Physics! The! Musical!

Act I: Lecture 

Aria and Chorus: Going Off the Rails on the Frictionless Vector Train
Chorus: You Can Still Conserve Momentum (In Physics)
Aria: My Center of Mass Within My Breast I Cherish
Plain Chant: The Lamentations of Angular Momentum
Aria: I Am the Very Model of a Harmonic Oscillator
Chorus: The Universe is Running Down, Running Down, Running Down
Aria: I Dreamed A Dream of Inverse Square Laws
Aria and Chorus: Electro-Magnetic Induction Changes Everything

 Act II: Lab 

Chorus: It's Not Easy Being an Atom  
Aria: Tu Quieres Girar
Chorus: Can You Feel the Magnetism Tonight?
Chorus: The Old Gumby Capacitor 
Aria: You Light Up My Light Bulb 
Duet: Why Resist?
Duet: The Phantom of the Oscilloscope

Act III: Exam 

Aria: Teacher, He's in My Seat
Recitative and Chorus: A Whole New Question
Aria: Object All Sublime: To Make the Questions Fit the Physics
Recitative and Chorus: Have You Finished Grading Yet?
Duet: All I Ask For (is an A)
Chorus: How About Now? (Have You Finished Grading Yet Reprise)
Chorus: Hallelujah (It's Summer Vacation)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

In Puerto Rico. With Memorials.

San Juan is full of them.

Some obelisk for I forget what.

Statues of various presidents.  

 Memorial listing wars and names of Puerto Ricans who have died in them.

Memorial to aboriginal inhabitants of Puerto Rico.

 Memorial to people I don't remember who they were.

With that, I think I have reached the end of Puerto Rico pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not Caturday Post: Streets of San Juan

My cats are out of sorts and out of order due to a vet visit this week, so here, finally , are more photos from Puerto Rico.

Important buildings!

Prettily colored buildings with fancy balconies!

Some old mission, probably.  

 Random chapel.

 Fanciful chairs!

Pretty flowers and trees!

Beatific harbor view, except for pelicans.  I hate pelicans.

Art(?) against the city wall.  I am there to provide scale.  


There were also a depressing number of memorials, but those can be later.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

I made a grasshopper pie, following a recipe I found at The Brown Eyed Baker.

Anyone else making/eating something thematic today?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Fabulosity: More Ships with Hats

This is apparently a not uncommon item of fashion at certain convention.  Zounds the fabulosity!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mathematical Monday: In Puerto Rico. With Pigeons.

There were many pigeons in San Juan.  Tourists paid to feed them.  This I do not understand since pigeons are ugly disease-ridden rats with wings.  I wouldn't even feed them to my cats, since I would fear a flea infestation.

However!  I have a however!  There was a wall filled with pigeonholes!  There were more pigeons than pigeonholes!  Several pigeonholes had more than one pigeon!

In case it's not obvious why I'm excited, my absolute favorite mathematical principle is that of the pigeonhole, which simply states that if there are n pigeonholes and >n pigeons, at least 1 pigeonhole will contain more than 1 pigeon.  And it's true!  I don't think that one could have a cat with cardboard box principle the same way, since in the case of my cats, if I have more than one cat, they will fight over one box, regardless of how many boxes there are.  

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Vintage Caturday: Master of Concealment

Several years ago, I encountered my Scaramouche baby as a kitten who cried every time I stopped patting him.  He therefore came home with me.  When it came to exploring his new surroundings, however, he was neither brave nor as well hidden as he supposed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In Puerto Rico. With More Fortifications. And a cemetery.

The smaller yet somewhat more impressive fort is San Felipe del Morro, on the very point of the island.  Leading up to it is a grassy greensward of a hill, obviously intended to leave invaders mercilessly exposed to the guns of the fort, but now a place for people to fly kites.  Fly kites, not martial banners.

Speaking of martial banners, the fort flies the flags of the US, Puerto Rico, and Philip the Handsome.  More people need to use descriptive epithets rather than surnames.

Overall, I found this fort much smaller and less interesting than the other fort , for all it was older, but it had nice guns.

And a mysterious little door.  

 One could also look out over the battlements at the town, or over the battlements the other way at the surf

 Right outside the old fort was a much newer cemetery. I do like cemeteries.

Next: Wandering about Old San Juan