Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me! Let there be madness!

I made the cake in yellow, following this recipe  but with a different topping. A few things I learned:

  1. I really need a grater.  I do not have the patience to zest lemons with a paring knife
  2. Ganache has to cool before being applied, .  
  3. I am not good at drawing with frosting.
I was attempting to draw the yellow sign in yellow buttercream on the top of the cake, but the result did not drive anyone mad.

It was still yummy.  The lemon curd makes the cake fairly dense, but very lemony.  Also I put REAL coffee in the chocolate frosting rather than instaespresso mixed with milk because really. 

In the process of looking for recipes and inspiration for a Cake in Yellow, I stumbled across a kickstarter for the Necronomnomnom, which is the cookbook I clearly need.

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